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How does it work?


  • Design is custom made to your specifications.
  • Each stone is hand set.
  • We use clothing you already have or will purchase specifically for the design.
  • Clothing item will be mailed to me.
  • We collaborate on a design or use one based on your ideas.
  • Prices are based on size and intricacy, starting as little as $ 40.00 per design

For example: You send me your favorite black shirt and you want a cross with wings on the back. If you already have a design in mind, you can email it to me. If not, I will come up with ideas and we figure out what you like together. Once the design is decided upon and we agreed on a price, I will use different material such as rhinestones, nailheads, fabric etc to produce your design.

I will mail the shirt back to you once done. SIMPLE, right?

Small Beginnings


It all started when my husband Robin McAuley (McAuley/Schenker Group, Survivor, Raiding the Rock Vault) needed new stage clothes.

Over the years, I have created thousands of custom designs for him. The idea to spruce up existing clothing came recently, when my girlfriend brought me a shirt she had owned for some time and asked me to reinvent it. Blinged and Bedazzled was born.